Why are men intimidated by sex toys?

Why are men intimidated by sex toys?

Although many women like to include sex toys in their intimate relationships and especially those who look like the phallic form of the male sexual organ, heterosexual men still have a hard time including sex toys in pair play.

Sexual specialists report that men often claim that they don’t need any toy to have a dynamic and active sex life; others say that if their partner wants to include a sex toy in the relationships is because she doesn’t need him as a man. There are those who are more emphatic and think that sex toys are only for losers.

The truth of the matter is that the above arguments reflect a bit of fear of not being enough for their partners, of not being so good in bed or losing their virility.

Hence the importance of explaining to them that is not about using sex toys for making fun of them, but as an accessory for the relationship and that in any case, the woman is trying to substitute the pleasure and the connection that exists in the couple.

Fear of being replaced by an erotic toy

According to sexologists and specialists in the field, the problem does not seem to be the sex toy used alone, but when it comes to using it as a couple since many men tend to think that their partner can replace them for the sex toy and they feel displaced in the sexual-loving game.

That’s where the biggest mistrust lies. Beyond the fear of being replaced, they are afraid that the couple will enjoy a battery-powered dildo more than a real phallus.

According to some experts, men still have a long way to go on their own sexuality and that includes combining their sexual game with erotic toys that can be made for women or for men.

Today they are required to be more playful and creative in the bedroom.

Having an open mind starts by renewing their sex game and this has a lot to do with including dildos, vibrators, and even plastic vaginas. At the end is all about enjoying, playing and complementing the sex.

These types of men, usually, are men with little or no sex education. Sometimes they keep having many taboos and wrong ideas about their sexuality and masculinity.

One way to address the topic

To begin with, you can’t force someone to do a practice they don’t want or don’t agree with (no matter the reason). Every sexual act must be consensual in order to be truly pleasant.

However, a way of introducing the use of erotic toys little by little (by the person who does want and enjoy it) is making a gift, oriented to enjoy as a couple and communicate the reason why you want to use the sex toy.

You have to make clear that you don’t want to replace the partner or his sex organ because this is very important.

You can start with lubricants, candles, and even erotic clothes.

Little by little, the other person will understand that they are complements that awaken that spark of passion in the bedroom.

Asking to go together to an erotic store can be a start, but for those more resistant to the subject, visiting an online sex shop can be a great option since you can explore the different toys together and in a more private way, in the tranquility of your home or room.

This way, you won’t feel judged by anybody. Little by little you’ll start to lose your modesty on the subject and it is a very prudent way to get started in the world of sex toys.

It’s important to take into account that the brain is the most powerful sex organ we can have. That’s where the stimuli, the desire, and the fantasies come from. What goes through your mind is what will bring sex toys to life and usefulness.

Seeing the toys and fantasizing together will be a great way to start using these accessories that can provide so much well-being.

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