Sexual positions that burn more calories

Besides pleasure, sex can give us many benefits. Among them, burn the extra calories that we have and get in shape. It’s an excellent alternative when we don’t have time for going to the gym because of the busy life we have.

In addition to the great pleasure that the sex gives to us, it also helps reduce stress, relieve pain, and remove migraines, so when your partner says that has a headache, you’ll know how to relieve the pain and will have no excuse to surrender to pleasure and love.

By itself, the sex positions that you use are a way to exercise and get in shape. Some help to tone up and some burn more calories than others.

For visible results, in addition to eating a healthy diet, the sex training should last 30 minutes. If you want to burn 3.5 calories per minute, we suggest you the following positions:

Edge fault: Sitting on the edge of the table and with your legs on top of his shoulders, you’ll be ready to receive all of his strength. You’ll contract the abdomen and force your arms to contain the sexual movements.

The wagon: the man will tone up his arms, shoulders, and abdomen since he would have to hold your legs up high while he does the penetration.

Standing: In this case, he’ll hold all the weight in his arms and you could measure your strength and resistance in the abdomen and thighs, besides the legs.

Squats: He’ll have to make short squats while you’re lying face up, with your legs flexed towards your chest. With this position, you’ll both work your thighs and abdomen.

The bridge: This position can keep you in a good shape since you can work your glutes, legs, and abdomen. If you have a back problem, this isn’t the best position for you.

Doggy: If you want to strengthen your glutes and abdomen, this position is special, since requires tension in your thighs and a lot of stamina.

We hope you have fun with this pleasant sex training and do it spicier with these toys that we have for you. Click here.