Using vibrators improves your sexual health

Using vibrators improves your sexual health

Increasingly, sex toys are no longer a taboo but an everyday object.

Definitely, sex toys have a positive impact on individual and couple sexual health.

In fact, sexology and sexual health experts guarantee it.

The professionals say that the effects of using vibrators and dildos are highly positives because it allows couples to relax from the daily life.

Besides, they say that having sex or achieving arousal and orgasms cause endorphins to reproduce in the body and a sense of well-being and happiness is achieved.

At Indiana University, the behavior of a sample of the American population regarding the use and benefits of sex toys for partners and individuals, in general, has been studied.

The research has focused on answering the question: Why people use erotic toys and what are the results obtained with its use?

The research data allows estimating that 53% of women (between 18 and 60 years old) use vibrators or dildos in sex.

This information surprises us since the use of such toys in the adult and sexually active population can improve a woman’s sexual function without known harmful side effects to her physical and mental health.  What about men?

How permissive are men towards sex toys?

How permissive are men towards sex toys

According to experts in the field, the studies reveal that there is a high prevalence of use.

This is something perhaps unknown to many but actually, men are increasingly oriented towards satisfying their partners and seeking new sensations other than routine or traditional ones as far as sex and erotic play go.

A lot has been said, for example, that anal plugs for men usually generate extremely pleasant experiences, since the nerve endings of the anus are many and the pleasure they generate is great.

Even the straight men are trying this new sensation, without any taboo and their partners accept this and share it.

Currently, both men and women choose pleasure and mutual satisfaction.

This has nothing to do with gender reaffirmation or not, but with giving and feeling pleasure.

Another of the most widely used sex toys among men is vibrators, and it has been said that they are already beginning to be used.

Many see sex toys as elements of distraction and change in sex play.

They think it is also a health issue because of the feelings it produces for them and their partners.

Additionally, men and women are increasingly looking for sex toys because they have become more accessible and versatile in their functions, which increases creativity in the bed or the most pleasant place, for those who decide to have a time for games and pleasure.

Given the accessibility that the internet promotes with the well-known online shops, toys for adults are more at hand.

Every day new sex toys are produced with new features of pleasure and designs that encourage creativity.

For those who still have the courage to go to a physical sex shop, have the possibility to explore visually all the toys in a private way and with the couple through a website with an online store.

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