Benefits of reaching the climax

When your brain perceives the release of the hormone called oxytocin, it makes you feel incredibly happy and this is achieved with the movements and contractions of the pelvic muscle, combined with other factors like the breathing that generates the excitement.

Here we tell you how to reach the total climax so you can obtain great benefits.

Stress relief

Most women who masturbate do it in order to relax. When somebody reaches the orgasm, the oxytocin hormone is released from the nerve cells in the hypothalamus and the tension decreases, producing a state of relaxation and well-being.

Decreased insomnia

Between taking a sleeping pill and having a great night of pleasure, you should prefer the second option and start earning twice as much, because besides having the pleasure, you’ll also have a complete rest when you go to sleep.

Where does this effect come from? Some sexual researchers refer to the release of endorphins as a sedative effect.

Soothing effect

The orgasms thanks to the endorphin release, can give you pain relief since activates the pain tolerance and pain detection in women.

They prolong life

Clearly, sexual activity promotes a better quality of life because of the soothing, sedative and pleasurable effects on men and women that practice sex more than two times a week. There is increased blood flow, which oxygenates the brain and organs much more.

Over the years, orgasms are better

Although you might think that as you get older you won’t have more desire or willing to have sex, you’re wrong. There’s no reason to stop having sex. In fact, in more advanced ages it’s more likely that you enjoy sex even more. In women, the sexual satisfaction increases with age.

Increase your memory and concentration

Because of the blood supply and the other pleasurable and happy effects of orgasms is very likely that your mental abilities will improve or remain in optimal condition.

For these and for so many more reasons you should practice sex frequently.

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