The parts of your body that you should never ignore in bed

The parts of your body that you should never ignore in bed

The parts of your body that you should never ignore in bed

Explore a new area of your body, will always be great for each other.

It’s not that women are incomprehensible, is that their body is full of erogenous areas that require more attention.

1.- Feet

Some people tend to ignore the feet because they’re very far from the rest of the action area.

You can help your partner to get relaxed and even suggest your desires by licking her clean toes.

2.- Back

The back – often- stays outside the sex game, but it can be very exciting to start from this area because there are many sensitive areas. You can experiment with a gentle massage with your hands and help you with a vibrator. You can go up and down the back with intense movements.

3.- The neck

We prefer to kiss and lick the sides of the neck, forgetting the back side.

Yes, right in the back of the neck. This tends to be a very sensitive area for women.

Turn your partner upside down and let go your imagination.

4.- The scalp

The scalp is rarely touched during sex and it can be very relaxing and extremely exciting because it’s full of nerve endings.

Try moving your fingers in circles all over her head.

Give her hair a gentle pull and she’ll go crazy with excitement.

5.- Ears

Believe it or not, the ears have infinite nerve endings and when you kiss, touch or lick them, it’s amazing for the one who’s feeling your touches.

Strong breathing near the ears can be fantastic.

6.- Vulva

This area is full of nerve endings and usually is covered with pubic hair unless it’s shaved.

Press the palm of your hand against her vulva and push upwards, to her head.

This is very sexy and helps to expose her clitoris a bit more.

7.- Clitoris

This is the most sensitive part of her body. However, many men still don’t pay attention to the clitoris, preferring to focus on the vagina.

Obviously, the penetration can feel very good, but for most women, it’s nothing like the clitoris stimulation.

All women have different ways to get stimulated, so you have to explore and ask her.

You can start doing circles around her clitoris with your tongue or with your fingertip, without touching it directly.

8.- Anus

The anus also has many nerve endings. Although it’s still considered taboo, that gives it more exciting to the sex game. How can you stimulate it? There are different ways: with your tongue, your penis, or a great vibrator or an anal plug (check out our sex shop) and a little of lubricant.

9.- Inner thighs

Did you know that going straight to the genitals can be a mistake sometimes?

You’re missing the preliminary stimulation.

The provocation of being so close to her genitals will surely drive her crazy.

Gently touch her legs, especially the inner side of her thighs.

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  1. okay, and good for the gentlemen stimulate the most important point of the woman, the ears, say the words indicated and they will go well


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