Steps for using sex toys as a couple

Steps for using sex toys as a couple

Steps for using sex toys as a couple

Although, usually, many women worry that their partners will feel uncomfortable if she suggest him to use sex toys in their intimacy, the true is that many men are willing to please their fantasies and introduce the dildos, vibrators, oils and erotic lingerie to their intimate relations if that gives them more fun and versatility to the relationship in bed.

The approach: Since the sex can have a halo of mystery and look like something forbidden, visiting together a digital sex shop will give you more freedom to find out and get to know your tastes without taboos or what will the people who observe them say. Ask your partner what he would like to experiment, make the purchase and surprise him. Many online sex shops even have an online chat through which you can request recommendations or clear questions.

Convert the toy into a threesome:  Many people have the fantasy of having a threesome in their intimate relations and with a sex toy you can make it happen.  If you include it for sex positions like the “doggy style”, the vibrator could be the best choice. If you want to experiment a greater arousal, the clitoris stimulators are much recommended during coitus.

How to use the sex toys?

Apply some lube: The use of lubricants can promote a much more pleasant masturbation and a better sex with your partner. The amount of lube to use is going to depend on the size of the sex toy, and a water-based will work better, especially for your health and for the preservation of the toy. Remember that silicon-based lubes are not advisable for the use of dildos made of the same material.

Turn on your passion: Start with foreplay games that increase desire, with the vibration of the sex toys. You can share it, passing it from one to another in your private parts. You can do this if both are free of sexually transmitted diseases, for safe use. The vibrations in his penis or scrotum are usually very stimulating. Encourage him to experience new sensations

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