4 ways to enjoy together with sex toys

Men generally like to please their partners when it comes to sexual issues, and they’ve gradually come to understand the importance of foreplay and the use of sex toys.

In fact, is very common that men include vibrators and other sex toys in their intimate relationships, knowing that this can add up so much to the sex.

So, if you’re a woman and your partner hasn’t yet thought about products for sexual playfulness, here are some interesting tips for using dildos and vibrators:

  1. Allow your partner to take the initiative:

Although most women like the clitoris stimulation, other ones enjoy vaginal stimulation more.

Therefore, it’s good to visit a sex toy online store and together can explore the sexiest ones.

And even though you make the purchase together, when the toy arrives surprise your partner with an unexpected pleasure.

  1. Have plenty of lubricant on hand

It has been proven that the use of lubricants is associated with extremely pleasant masturbation and better sex.

You should always take into account dildo’s size.

Almost all sex toys do well with a water-based lubricant. If it’s a dildo, you shouldn’t use a silicon-based lubricant.

  1. Have a killer threesome with your sex toy

You can start to play around with small vibrators to stimulate the clitoris and then go ahead with a larger dildo that makes you both fantasize.

In a doggy-style position, you can try vibrators like “silver bullets.”

  1. Activate for action

You can share the vibrators if you are both STD-free (Sexually transmitted diseases)

If you have your regular partner, vibrations can be applied to the scrotum or clitoris.

You can also use vibrating rings or vibrators that can be good for penetration and clitoris stimulation.

What is the bottom line? Let your imagination run wild…. sexualize your brain.

How to have te best sex of your life with vibrators?

It’s important to not put pressure on yourself for giving or having an orgasm.

The great thing is that you can enjoy your sexual encounter.

So, you have to feel like the sexiest person in the world and put the shame aside.

Pay special attention to the erogenous zones of both and also to the caresses you give and receive.

Attention! Don’t fall into the routine. Try different positions and places where you can feel your hips swinging.

Remember that kisses, caresses, groans and even words… are the preamble of what will be the penetration and generation of the long-awaited orgasms.

Whether or not you use sex toys, maximum hygiene is recommended.

Smells are part of that game of seduction. We’re sure you want to attract your partner, not scare them away.

So watch your personal hygiene. Make yourself pretty, that counts too.

And finally: Don’t pretend! If you like something, say so and… If you don’t like it, say it too.

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