Massage techniques for a better sex

Massage techniques for a better sex

Massage techniques for a better sex

Did you know that a good massage can turn on anybody in an intense way? You can do it with vehemence, passion or rough. Everything depends on what each one wants to experiment with each intimate relation. For sure, the massage, the touch, and the vibration of our bodies are one of the key factors for starting the sex game.

1.- Set the mood

Make your partner relax, with a warm atmosphere. You can use essential oils and candles, for example. The bathtub prepares the muscles for the action. Also, it’s a perfect excuse for getting naked and admiring each other.

2.- Make your partner feel comfortable

Lying down, start to rub your feet going up to the legs and so on. You can incorporate the movements of a vibrator that you share in your favorite places. Explore each other. Keep a slow progression.

3.- Press with the palm of your hand

Keep pressing slightly with the vibrator on your muscles and the sensitive areas, with up and down movements, with exciting insinuations. Also, we recommend using the touch of your hands along with the vibrator.

4.-Search for pleasure areas

Without introducing completely the vibrator, only let yourself go with the vibrations. Go through your inner thighs until you reach the pelvic bone, the buttocks, and chest, for men, and boobs and clitoris for women. Incorporate caresses and rubs. Extend the sex game as much as you can.


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  1. The massages are, and will continue to be, the most pleasurable way to stimulate a couple before sexual intercourse, good post, I will apply your advice


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