How to have good sex all your life

How to have good sex all your life

Despite the importance of sex to people’s lives, we know that not everyone attaches equal importance to sex.

Here we have the result of a research carried out at the University of Toronto that reveals the keys to the quality and quantity of sex that happy couples have.

The result is going to surprise you.

Making love or having sex? Do my partner and I have enough sex? How much sex is normal? These are some questions you may ask yourself on a regular basis, especially if you have a stable and lasting relationship.

Recent research at the University of Toronto seems to answer questions in the minds of those who are concerned about the quality and quantity of sex they should and should not have.

Within the framework of the above-mentioned study, 1,900 people were asked several questions, which led the researchers to conclude that good sex was primarily based on one’s expectations about sex and quantity.

For example, those who think that sex is the most important thing or determines the length of their relationship, are much more likely to fail because sex, in short, is not everything. Also, their partner should think the same thing and share the expectation so that frustration does not occur.

Those who think that the bed is not so important in their relationship will not only have a happier and healthier relationship, but the sex will be more satisfying for both parties. Apparently, sex is good but it doesn’t determine everything in a relationship.

One of the study authors said that the state of sex life in a relationship is not measured by the amount of sex. In this way, it must be known that there are times of drought and others of harvest.

Like everything else in life, there are good times and bad times. Life as a couple is no exception.

There’s one absolute truth: You can have the most amazing sex and not feel a deep love for the person you enjoy and vice versa.

The study indicates that sex can be worked on as a normal part of an ongoing relationship. This way, you can infer that it’ll last longer and that you’ll be happy.

Additionally, we have to be aware that relationships go through several stages, and in each one the way we relate intimately is different and it doesn’t mean that love no longer exists.

In the first stage, called the “honeymoon” (which lasts two to three years), the sex is awesome.

Then there are others, which are a turning point and sex is not as exciting as it was at first. We have to know how to handle this and find ingenious ways to keep the flame alive.

Differences in the sexual field – over time – are inevitable. However, the sex life is like a garden that needs to be taken care of and nurtured with creativity to keep it alive.

Unlike men, women seem to have it clearer, despite being the ones who take the encounter of “soul mates” very seriously.

They are usually more romantic and believe that sex takes work and effort. This is why the study reveals that for girls, sexual satisfaction is the product of a well-cared-for job.

Sex isn’t as relevant as you might think.

Apparently, sex doesn’t take the highest score in a relationship, contrary to what most people usually think.

Understanding sex as a part of life as a couple is essential for things to work well for many years to come.

Therefore, the true way to build lasting relationships is to overcome the transition from romance to companionship, creating a lasting love, and overcoming the well-known “Postromantic Stress Syndrome.

Sex toys enter the battle

If you hadn’t thought about it, one of the ways of working on quality and long-lasting sex, after a few or many years together is to introduce “literally” erotic toys that give that spicy touch to the relationship.

There’s no way you’re thinking that when you introduce sex toys, it’s because the relationship is dying. On the contrary, it’s just a way of giving more creativity to the intimacy.

Nowadays, everybody makes use of ingenious and provocative sex toys. It has nothing to do with the state of the relationship. Rather, it has a lot to do with role-playing and great creativity that put sex on a different scale between the couple.

There are many toys for all tastes and pleasures.

Sex is simply a wonderful thing that connects the couple, from every point of view.

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