Do you know the sex toy revolution?

Do you know the sex toy revolution?

Some people who consult with sexology and sexuality specialists often argue that the feeling they get from using dildos and other sex toys is one of complete euphoria.

Some people even say that the suggestion of using dildos is perverting them, in a good sense, because they have managed to give a special activation to their sex life.

Dildos, vibrators and anal plugs, which are the most wanted sex toys on the market, are definitely an exciting addition to sex, either alone or with a partner. And for those who still haven’t decided to explore this world, the specialists suggest to use them to have a healthier sex life.

Even those who are going through breaks or stuck in their sex lives, whether is for stress, distress or routine, sex toys can be a great and positive alternative that will provide them the balance they need in this area of their life.

At first, everyone is shy or restrained, but after a short while they are looking for their formula or “magic kit” where not only do sex toys have a big role to play, but other additions such as chocolates with erotic forms, edible oils, inflatable dolls, lubricants and even vaginas made of materials similar to human skin.

All of this is with the aim to spark things up in the bedroom.

The most important is to lose the fear of the sex and that can be achieved by exploring and touching one another, as well as using the sex toys.

All sex toys, such as dildos, vaginas, inflatable dolls –among the most popular- are great tools that are good for sex and couple therapies because even nowadays there are some men and women that don’t know their bodies and the potential of their sensations.

The aim of professional therapies is to treat people’s modesty that, in some cases, can be the source of female sexual disorders, such as orgasmic dysfunction (lack of orgasms), which is more frequent than we might think.

Start by yourself supported with sex toys

Sex toys have a great visual function to generate fantasies, but they must be accompanied by gentle touches.

It is essential, especially for those who are not fully aware of their genital anatomy.

Specialists recommend starting the games alone… to relax, take a bath with essences and start touching yourself from head to toe. It’s about creating the right environment for sexuality and play.

Don’t ignore any part of your body, however simple it may seem.

Look yourself completely naked, from head to toe (in front of a mirror); it’s also a good exercise.

There’s no doubt that is difficult since facing all of your insecurities is a challenge, but it can be more easily beaten alone than in front of another person.

The erotic toys are that key element that is revolutionizing people’s sex lives, but that is also revolutionizing the sex therapies, for both physicians and patients.

The oils to simulate vaginal lubrication are highly recommended, to speed up breathing and thus reach the arousal and the consequent orgasm.

This can be very useful for women that have been 10 to 15 years with low libido.

It’s about re-educating oneself in the foreplay, both accompanied and alone.

After going to therapy and using the sex toys, many women and men are fascinated. In fact, you can see it in their faces and it’s no wonder because the endorphins and the feeling of happiness generated by the sexual act are worth it.

Therefore is recommended that if you’re not giving and receiving pleasure, consider retaking or activating this area of your life.

It’s always a good time to start.

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