Curious facts about orgasm in Women and Men

Curious facts about orgasm in Women and Men

Orgasm is one of the most pleasurable sensations of life if it is not the main one and the one that most enjoyment and well-being can produce for women and men.

Talking about orgasm involves going over some data such as the duration of orgasm and the differences of climax for each gender.

For example, we know that the duration of orgasm in men is no longer than 10 seconds, nor less than three, while for women it can reach a maximum of 20 seconds and it’s presumed that, according to many women, that one feels a kind of struggle between pain and joy.

The important thing is that we can learn much more about our bodies and our sexuality.

By just exploring and knowing how we work we can optimize the results of the climax that we what to obtain and how other supplements can help in this lustful task.

Here we have relevant information that you’ll like to know:

Orgasm is produced in the brain:

An orgasm is a reflection of stimuli and sensations that are produced in the nervous system.

Not all women reach the orgasm:

Believe it or not, there are between 10% and 15% of women suffering from what is known as “anorgasmia”. This is the inability to achieve orgasm in a sexual relationship.

There are different types of anorgasmia. Once are worse than others and they may be the response to physical or psychological problems that ultimately influence the body’s nerve responses, blocking the reach of orgasm.

Having an orgasm gives more happiness than having money:

Experts have said that people feel more happiness or ecstasy when they experience an orgasm than when they receive money.

And that feeling of trance between pleasure and pain is so sublime that nothing can overshadow it.

The erotic game is a good start for reaching it:

Everyone knows that the foreplay is a determining factor in stimulating all areas of the brain and the body that is required to achieve the much-desired climax.

The point is to raise the temperature of desire so that the blood will flow and everything in us will become more sensitive.

The temperature increases:

It’s known, according to university studies that the temperature on genitals increases by 2 degrees in about 10 minutes.

The key to orgasm:

The most experienced people on this subject of giving and receiving pleasure say that there are two almost perfect ways to achieve the desired orgasm and they are oral sex or masturbation.

The touching of the genitals is very important, but foreplay is the ideal prelude.

Orgasms are possible during childbirth:

It sounds unbelievable but the truth is that pushing stimulates the same areas that are activated during sexual intercourse.

This is because the baby passes through the birth canal just like the penis during sex.

Additionally, the hormones that the female body segregates at that moment also make it easier to climax.

Tranquility and happiness are the results:

It’s all due to the effect of hormones like serotonin and dopamine that flood the brain, producing the feeling of total happiness and calm.

It’s said that these hormones can lead to a greater connection between the couples.

With age orgasms become more intense:

Studies indicate that older people reach orgasms more easily, the orgasms are more intense and the satisfaction is greater. So, don’t worry, aging is not so bad.

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