All you need to know about sex toys

All you need to know about sex toys

Today, the people who are looking for and using sex toys the most are all those who want to turn their sex lives around or those who are exploring their bodies and needs.
Also, all those people who are in sexual therapy, for some dysfunction or other concern.
Sex toys can offer you unimaginable benefits and advantages on your sexual health and the harmony of your relationships.
From having more independence for those who don’t have a partner yet, to those who want to give a new nuance to their relationships.
With sex toys you can recreate the most intense and secret fantasies to enjoy alone or whoever you choose to share it with.
Including a sex toy as a new member of the intimate relationships can create the threesome you imagine, but don’t dare to take it to your bed.
The wide range of sex toys can offer multiple advantages, including greater freedom of action and reaction during sex because of the stimulation that provides in the different areas of the body of each one.
There are vibrators that are capable of emitting varying levels of vibration, which can lead to more intense orgasms.
Others have a source of heat and can emulate the warmth of a sexual organ. The texture of some dildos or vaginas can be very pleasant to enjoy alone, in a couple or threesome, according to your taste and choice.
The most important to take into account is that sex toys promote fantasies and creativity in the bedroom.
It’s a further stimulus to enhance the enjoyment of your sexual relations.

Introducing the sex toys

Once you know how sex toys work, it’s necessary to think how can work with your partner.
If he or she agrees to include it in the sex game, or just as a preamble.
Having new ways of playing in bed, or in your favorite place, it’s always going to be very exciting, and it will be an extraordinary way to give your sexual relations the spark they need.
First of all, remember that communication with your partner is an essential condition and it may be necessary to talk so that both of you are open to this new possibility and way of relating in bed.

How to keep your toys in good condition

It’s very important that you keep your sex toys in an optimal state of cleanliness, both when using them and when storing them.
This is not only for health reasons, but also to maintain the quality of the toy.
Don’t think that for having cleaned it properly before storing it, it will mean that you’ll use it without cleaning it again. The cleanliness and safety in use are the most important.
You should check out the characteristics and material your toy is made of, as well as whether it is made of rechargeable batteries, or if it’s a dildo.
Knowing the characteristics of the material will let you know which type of oil or lubricant you can use to keep the sex toy material from corroding. This is for dildos, vibrators and silicone vaginas.
Although it may seem repetitive, you always have to clean them, before and after using them, with lots of water and soap, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide (according to the specifications of each toy).
Likewise, it’s recommended to use them with a condom, clean hands and short nails.
To store it, a cloth bag will be enough. Keep it away from sharp objects and perfumes. Everything is recommended with your health in mind.
And if you have children, it makes sense to keep them out of reach.

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