7 Ways to Vibrate Sexually in 2018

7 Ways to Vibrate Sexually in 2018

7 Ways to Vibrate Sexually in 2018

If last year your sex life wasn’t entirely satisfactory, in 2018 you will be able to see life in a much more exciting and promising way with this 7 tips that will make you relive your desires.


1.- The mutual masturbation helps you to get to know yourselves

Although it tends to be underestimated in bed, the masturbation is very exciting and even more when you see how it pleases your partner.

You can do it to each other, or individually. It’s something that will allow you to know what kind of things the other one likes.

Like, where to touch, the techniques, pressure, or speed.

It’s about discovering the pleasure that, usually, it’s obtained in private.


2.- Forbid the sex

Sometimes we understand that sex it’s just limited to penetration, forgetting all the other things that we can do in front of a naked person.

The gentle touches, the anal game, the introduction of sex toys or even the mutual masturbation with these toys, can be very fun and give another taste to the sex.

Quitting your routine, being more creative and forbidding the sex for a while and looking for reaching the orgasm in multiple ways will make everything more exciting.


3.- Plan a theme for every month

Life has challenges, so why not introduce them to your life? Make January the start of something different, like the anal game. In February you could start another game and so on. Make this 2018 a year where your ideas flow freely.


4.- Look for the back door

If you haven’t tried yet, this year you could increase your tone and level by experiencing new sensations.

Know the emotions you can feel in your rearguard.

Since there are many nerve endings in the rectum, and around the anus, the anal playing is fantastic.

You must know that is much cleaner than what most people would think, as long as you keep a proper hygiene.

Start with just the pressure of your fingertips and a bit of lubricant.

This doesn’t have anything to do with people’s sexual orientation.

It’s an act of pleasure and with a vibrator or an anal plug can be very fun and pleasant.


5.- Encourage your creativity with sex accessories

It’s time to renew your accessories and check out what’s the last trend.

  • A training kit for an anal game for experiencing new sensations during sex.
  • An inseparable companion or one who you wish to incorporate into your sex: a realistic dildo with testicles included, that you can put –fixed- on the floor or in a dry surface like a wall.
  • A vibrator that can enhance your desire and excitement
  • Use lubricants to ease the penetration and turn on the passion in your partner.
  • Penis rings to stimulate woman’s clitoris.
  • Erotic customs that will make you live an exciting role change.
  • Erotic lingerie to feel at your best.
  • And, you can’t miss the lighting, to create a warm environment with the glow you wish to give to your room.


6.- Schedule the sex

Many couples that are in a long-term relationship complain about the little frequency with which they have sex and it’s completely normal, because as the time goes by they believe that everything remains the same, and don’t know all the opportunities that the creativity can offer.

One way to relive the desire is scheduling the sexual encounter.

Each one will have the expectation of this encounter and will fantasize about the moment. If you do it with creativity, it will turn out to be very sexy.


7.- Go to a therapist and write down new ideas

Why do you have to wait to have a problem to go to the therapist?

We are in 2018! This is the year of making differences and changes.

Search new ideas and solutions for your sexual performance.

This year, the bedroom doesn’t necessarily have to be inside the house.






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