6 spicy ideas to make Valentine

6 spicy ideas to make Valentine’s Day an unforgettable moment

6 spicy ideas to make Valentine’s Day an unforgettable moment

Valentine’s Day is coming and you’re probably wondering how to give a pleasant surprise to your partner. Here we give you some super-hot ideas that will leave him wanting more.


1.- If what you’re looking for is something explosive and passionate, you should book a hotel, motel, or a room to spend the night, whatever place you want that best fits your wishes or budget, but the most important is that should be a place destined for privacy, where nothing and no one can interrupt you.


2.- Giving sexy lingerie as a gift can be very stimulating for a woman and with showing just a little to your man is enough to turn him on. Giving this type of gift has a clear message of desire.


3.- Buying a sex toy for that special day is also an idea that may surprise both her and him. Introducing a friend (vibrator or dildo) can be innovative and give some fun to the relationship, whether is at night or during the daytime, as the encounter is planned.


4.- The sweet messages with a lovely gift, but let’s be clear, what we want is a passionate encounter. So, you can combine sweetness with naughtiness. Hint (via mobile phone messages or social networks) to your partner everything you want to put into practice, something that will blow your minds and prepare you for the evening.


5.- You can play a game like erotic dice and put in practice some new postures. Likewise, you can suggest using an anal plug and dare to dive into new sensations, if you haven’t tried it yet. That’s why it’s a special date.


6.- You can start the day by making constant, but inexpensive gifts, which demonstrate some intrigue and desire for a final encounter with plenty of action. You can start with a card at breakfast with a sweet message. Then, you can make an invitation a little bit spicier, like proposing a lunch with aphrodisiac or suggestive foods such as oysters or asparagus and strawberries. And you can end the day with an erotic gift, like an invitation to a hotel.


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