5 ways of having a more exciting sex in a long-term relationship

5 ways of having a more exciting sex in a long-term relationship

5 ways of having a more exciting sex in a long-term relationship

Get out of the routine and experience new sensations can be very stimulating for you and for your partner. Especially, if you‘re in a long-term relationship.

It’s clear we’re not talking about only introducing dildos or vibrators in your sex game but also lubes and erotic lingerie so that with a lot of imagination and playfulness, you can nuance your experiences and fuel the desire and passion.

You can always have better sex or better orgasms but, How to carry out our deepest desires or our most embarrassing fantasies?

Continue reading and find out a few tricks for going back to those first few months of sneaky encounters.

1.- Do little changes

We want you to know that it’s not necessary that you have a body like a model in order to awaken desire, and you neither have to experiment with other people to have a more interesting sex. Some little changes can give incredible results.

Changes in your routine, funny stories, changing roles (boss-secretary, workmates, friend with benefits)

Experiment a little:

  • Try to have sex in different periods of time. You can have a quick but awesome sex in some moments, and in other moments you can dedicate a whole night or afternoon to a romantic getaway that allows both express intensely.
  • Find a new room or a different place, like the stairs, the kitchen, or the bathroom.
  • Have sex at one time of the day other than usual.
  • Use pillows under your butt (if you’re a woman) to create new angles in your favorite sex positions.
  • Plan to see yourselves in an unfamiliar place and indulge yourselves in passion. Arrive separately each one.

2.- Activate your senses

  • Watch porn videos before sex, light up the room with candles sometimes. Other times, it can be dark. Keep eye contact and don’t miss the details. This can be very stimulating.
  • Add some music, or let yourself go with your own sounds (groans) it can also take you to ecstasy.
  • When it comes to texture and movement, dildos, vibrators, and lubricants play an important role in this game of passion.
  • The lubricants can activate the senses of taste and touch, giving you a more pleasant masturbation and penetration.

3.- The prohibitions disinhibit

  • If you have a preference for a specific sex position, try not to do it in a month, to make it more desirable.
  • Do not kiss each other in a whole week, so later you can kiss each other to death, and also, it will be very sexy to know that certain things are not so easily within reach.

4.- Experiment with the “maybes”

  • Believe it or not, the negotiation with different possibilities will give another taste to your sex. You will have a new experience with your partner and find out new ways to give each other pleasure.
  • Try something new will always be an intrigue and it will turn out fascinating.
  • Don’t just do what you like and something that you’ve already tried.
  • If you haven’t used sex toys, we invite you to try them. You will enter into a very creative world, and you will let rip endless games in the bedroom or any other unexpected place.

5.- Play more

  • You can incorporate sex toys like dildos, vibrators, and stimulators.
  • Relive characters from your favorite series, interact each other with different roles from those you already represent as spouses, couple, etc. Be something different with what you fantasize about it but you haven’t told each other.

As long as it is by mutual agreement, anything is valid and adds something to the sex!

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