5 keys to reviving your sex life

5 keys to reviving your sex life

It is no secret that we all love sex and that there are many advantages it can bring us, from every point of view.
Sex is good for mental and physical health.
But if you have to choose between having sex and eating or sleeping, for example, it can be exhausting.
For this reason, we want to give you some ideas and recommendations so you can enjoy everything, without limitations.
Sex is one of the things in life that gives us the most pleasure and it only takes a little encouragement and energy to enjoy that feeling of ecstasy and well-being that draws a big smile and makes us shine wherever we go.
The most important thing about sex is not found in sex per se, but rather in the brain and all the functions of the brain over the execution of sex itself.
If you lack imagination and creativity, sex can be lame and boring.
On the other hand, if you have great inventiveness and initiative, sex will be explosive and the best you’ve ever had.
Sex is closely linked to the sensation of experiencing the pleasure of the forbidden and of everything that is denied to us.
Therefore, the idea of experiencing solo sex, for some, in a threesome, with the forbidden person and even in small or big groups is so attractive.
It will all depend on how exuberant an idea is for everyone and how forbidden that super sex is for the person in question.
Should I take the initiative? What if things don’t work out as well as I thought? Will a second chance to satisfy the other person be worth it, or will I regret it later?
Here we have some tips that will help you make the most of the free hours of the day.

1. Forget the goal and concentrate on the pleasure of every moment.

People often take sex as a test that must be passed with the highest score, forgetting the most important: to feel the pleasure that comes with an intimate relationship.
This is why many people fail (so to speak).
Incorrectly, all five senses are focused on being approved by the other person, rather than concentrating every second on the game of pleasure.
Take it as what really is: a time to enjoy your body and your partner’s, in the purest, most instinctive way possible.
On the other hand, sex usually is more pleasant when you’re open to the other person when you love them and desire them, not just their body.
It’s important for you to know that you shouldn’t divide sex into stages. Don’t think that the foreplay is first and so on. It’s a whole and not stages.
As we said at the beginning, don’t concentrate on approving parts, without giving in to total pleasure.

2. Redefine “sex”.

It is very important that you think of sex as what connects you to your partner or that person you want.
Start by reviving the flame that unites you.
It all can start with small details such as a good morning call from work, an unexpected kiss, dirty photos and messages from your cell phone, to reactivate your partner towards a furtive encounter between the two of you.
You have to activate the “sex mode”. This way, when you get to the house or place you have agreed on, that will be the scenario you have already created in your mind.
So, it’s just a matter of going to practice.

3. Plan what kind of sex, where, when and with whom.

Think about the kind of sex or encounter that you want to have and with whom, will create the right mood for action.
It’s about thinking about everything you both want to do with each other.
It’s not about setting an alarm and doing things the same way but creating the mood for an exciting pleasure encounter.
Just make a date, as it happens at the beginning of all relationships.
If you live with that person whom you love or desire so much, meet him or her for dinner or to go to one of these places destined for love and passion.
Definitely, it will be very exciting for both.

4. Creative positions are explosive.

If all the above tips go well, the positions will come out spontaneously and naturally.
Frequent orgasms cause the sexual appetite to be woken up, what causes the desire to make it more frequent.
Remember that the more sex you have, the more sex you’ll want. It is natural that you want to repeat the experiences of pleasure.

5. Don’t make excuses for sex…. being tired is one of them.

Unless there are very specific health problems, sex can hardly be considered a demanding physical activity.
If you never have time for sex, it’s likely that you have other problems, such as not having a good communication with your partner, suffering from stress or having low self-esteem, to name a few.
It is very important to be in good physical shape and in good health so that fatigue does not break in between the sheets. Doing exercise frequently is a good way to start, but is not necessary to have a gym body.
Sex is a safe way to gain energy, instead of all the energy you might think you spend.
The oxytocin secreted in each sexual impulse makes us feel more confident with orgasms, in addition to waking up the sexual appetite; it contributes to muscular and mental distension.
Sex, without a doubt, is the best way to clear your mind and relax from so many daily tensions.
When a person gets used to not do it, however, may feel that need it less and less.
Be very alert if you’ve been feeling tired for a long time for having sex, but you find it exciting to go to the amusement park with the kids or to play tennis with your friends.
So, it’s a good time to go back to the first advice and forget the excuses. Have sex! It’s great!

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